More work on our store

I have been working on finding an online store I would be happy with using. Shopify, FreewebStore and Etsy were a few I looked at, and I may still consider Etsy at a future date, but for now, I have settled on as it’s an Australian Based online store that I can afford to pay yearly and after the set up fees there’s nothing else I pay them for, which is a lot different to the other sites,

Over the coming weeks I will slowly but surely start adding to the store, and advertising my products on Facebook and Instagram – and people will hopefully visit the Made It store to make their purchases. I am starting with the Baby Bibs this week and will add the scrunchies next week, and keep going with the different stock items each week!!

(The jelly packet is for size comparison. LOL Not a part of the sale…)

Our Made It address is:

Well that’s it for now 🙂

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