My Easter Break

I took a day or so off over Easter to spend time with my family, but also spent some time making things for my two granddaughters. They each received the large bibs I have been working on, but also a yin yang squeaky toy. It was a large circular squeaky toy that I actually cut in half so each of them could have a piece. Sophie loved hers as she is old enough to play and explore things these days, but Pippa is still a little young – hopefully in the coming months she will start playing with hers as well.

I am hoping to start putting some of these toys into the store eventually, too.

Sophie also received a pair of frilly shorts and a matching hair bow to match the baby bib we gave her. I hope she gets to wear the shorts a couple of times before the weather gets colder. But I have also started making her a recycled pinafore dress from her grandpa’s jeans and a really nice business shirt I picked up at the local op shop the other day.

My daughter Melanie, Sophie’s mum, is right into recycling and reusing, so when I said I’d like to try and utilise some of the older clothes her dad and I were throwing out, by repurposing them – Melanie was all for Sophie receiving some clothes, so….

I’m making these sans pattern, just by eye, so hopefully they won’t be a total train wreck. LOL

I will take a better photo once this is finished. I just need to add the waist band and the straps and it should be finished. I love the checked pattern in the shirt I used and this fabric was from just one sleeve so I have heaps of fabric left to make other things from!!!

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